Canberra District Ducati Club

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About Us

Who are we?

The CDDC is affiliated with the Desmo Owners' Club (DOC). The contains a wealth of technical knowledge as well as many decades of riding experience within its membership. We foster amicable relations with other local clubs such as the Italian Car Club, the BMW Motorcycle Club, the Motorcycle Riders Association and more.

What do we do?

We ride bike, preferably Italian.

Where are we?

We are located in Canberra, which is the capital of Australia. The region nearby includes the magnificent motorcycle riding country of the Snowy Mountains and New South Wales south coast.

When do we meet?

7:30pm on the second Monday of the every month @ Kingston Hotel, 73 Canberra Ave, Griffith. If the Monday is a public holiday, meetings will occur on the Tuesday.

Why become a member?

Because you love all things Ducati and so do we: we understand. The club is a social club, so it's about being with people who appreciate fine machinery and the lifestyle that goes with owning a Ducati.

You are also joining the Desmo Owners Club

We are an official affiliate of the Desmo Owners Club (DOC). By being a member of DOC, you are part of the international community of Ducatisti, which receives official support for the Ducati Factory. That and you also get free stuff when you join!

Monthly Club Meetings

where the members get together to meet, talk about the events of the past month and plan which events they will join in the coming month.

Social Events

With a wide range of activities ranging from go-kart meetings to dyne sessions to test your bike's grunt.

Social Nights

Such as the annual Christmas Party for members and their families and information nights with guest speakers.

Weekend Rides

Riding to various locations such as Khancoban, Harrietville, Tumblong and the South Coast, staying at local hotels or at member's properties and enjoying the local roads and hospitality.

Local Rides

Join fellow members of the club on rides around the local district, not covering more than 300 km in a day.

  • 1978

    Year formed

    The Canberra District Ducati Club was started in 1978

  • 100

    Club members

    We already have around 100 members of the club, so why not join and increase that number

  • 45

    Club events

    Between rides, club meetings, weekend rides, social events and nights, there are plenty of events and activities for you to join

  • 100

    Ducatis in the club

    Not only are there plenty of Ducatis belonging to club members, we also own a variety of other brands, both Italian and from other countries

Membership Plans

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The plan for individual members. By paying your membership subscription, you become a financial member of the club and will enjoy full access to the club's web site.


The plan for families, living at the same address. Enjoy all the normal privileges of an individual membership, but the paying member can add one (1) more person to their membership, who will also gain the same access as the paying member.


  • Complimentary membership to the Desmo Owners Club
  • Invitations to club events
  • Access to the club newsletter
  • Access to club groups
  • Full access to the club website
  • Post and view photos
  • Post and view videos
  • Chat with other club members via our private social media network
  • Add your partner to your membership
  • $50.00