EXCLUSION/INDEMNITY CLAUSE: I, being a signatory to this form, freely and voluntarily confirm that I understand that my preparation for, and participation in, the 2018 NDR (“the event”) will expose me to risk of personal and/or property loss and damage, and to the risk of possible liability to other participants, and/or persons and entities, given that such preparation and participation is an inherently dangerous activity.  I also freely and voluntarily confirm, in consideration of my being accepted as a participant in the event, that my preparation for, and participation in, the event will be at my own risk in all respects, and that CDDC Inc, it’s subsidiaries, members and committee, shall not have any liability for any costs, expenses, loss or damage (whether arising from negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise howsoever) suffered or incurred by me during the event, or whilst travelling to and from the event, or otherwise arising as a consequence of the event, and I indemnify CDDC Inc jointly and severally against any liability to any person or entity which it might have, whether arising from negligence, breach or statutory duty, or otherwise howsoever, out of my preparation for, or participation in, the event.